What are we all about?

“Riva” is Elizabeth’s Italian maiden name and has become part of who she is today. The name is a symbol of the genuine women in her family. Her grandmother, Betty Jane Riva, was a classic family icon radiating humor, charisma and originality. With these traits, Elizabeth has set the foundation behind the work crafted by Riva Letterpress.

Letterpress is a classic style of printing that exemplifies authenticity and uniqueness. It is a form of relief printing where type is raised and pressed into paper, creating an attention to detail that no other method of printing can produce. Letterpress is a craft in itself, and because each piece is hand pressed one at a time, the beauty lies in the slight differences in inking and impression. We have fallen in love with this method of printing that stand outs and illustrates originality.

Our letterpress greeting card line is fun and fresh, mixed in with a little bit of humor. We don't take ourselves too seriously around here and we like to believe that being able to laugh at yourself is a good thing. We work with awesome illustrators, calligraphers and printers in the USA. Come take a look and spread some laughter with us!



Watch a little bit about our process here!

Elizabeth Micsky

Owner & Designer

Image by: Eric Graham Photography